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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:48 am EDT 05/08/21
In reply to: re: Tony and Riff - Sam890 03:30 am EDT 05/08/21

I'm not sure I understand your point. Are you saying Tony couldn't love Maria once he'd had sex with a man? That he couldn't be a 'proper' heterosexual lover after sleeping with a man? I don't see why he's sleeping with a man would preclude a genuine loving relationship with Maria.

I'm not saying that at all, but I think it would be distracting to the audience to be given the impression and Tony and Riff have been in a sexual relationship, as that would naturally cause the audience to wonder, "Does this mean that Tony was going through a gay phrase but is now straight? Or does this mean that Tony is bisexual? And does this mean that Riff hates Maria not only because she's Puerto Rican but because she has stolen his lover?" Etc. It needless complicates things, and certainly, there's enough drama in the show to begin with.

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