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Posted by: Sam890 02:51 pm EDT 05/08/21
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I think you're projecting your own binary logic onto the hypothetical audience. I genuinely recommend you read George Chauncey's 'Gay New York'. It was not uncommon for men (especially younger working class and immigrant men) to have sexual engagements with other men, and this was not seen as a challenge to their heterosexuality, and certainly not a 'gay phase'. I mean this respectfully, but I think your comments reflect an understanding of sexuality of a particular time and generation that are different to the conceptualisations of the time and different to the way understandings of sexuality have developed since the 70s and 80s. I know many many younger people today that would not bat an eyelid if a man in a relationship with a woman had had a previous sexual relationship with a man - and wouldn't need to couch it in terms of 'phases' at all.

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