re: Snowgrace--WHY???
Posted by: stevemr 04:37 pm EDT 05/08/21
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It's hard to say. Sometimes it takes seeing several different productions before finding one that works for you. Vanya used to be my least favorite Chekhov. (The famous Olivier/Redgrave version left me cold) But after seeing the Andre Gregory film of Vanya on 42nd Street, it started growing on me. The Cate Blanchett version pushed me further along, and the Richard Nelson version with Jay O. Sanders solidified my love for it. (If you're in the NY area, you can watch that very colloquial version on one of the WNET streaming channels.)
I had similar experiences with Twelfth Night and Der Rosenkavalier. Only after seeing several productions of each did their wonders open up for me.
Don't give up.

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