"Uncle Vanya" - still very relevant
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I enjoyed the performance last night. I had seen a really wonderful production of "Uncle Vanya" over 20 years ago at the Stratford Festival in Canada. What struck me then and now again as I watched this production is how profound the play is, and how relevant it remains. One common thing cited about Chekhov's plays is how many of the characters talk about being how bored they are. But they are very human and very specifically drawn, and in this case, the Doctor talking about the future and nature makes it even more relevant with what is now called "climate change". Vanya is sadly not quite aware (or even possibly acknowledged by his family) that he is a hero, for his efforts saved that family from being torn apart and perhaps from being homeless or at least having a lower standard of living, but which have otherwise left him feeling like an unfulfilled person. I found it rather heroic that he stood up to the Professor quite profusely when the latter wanted to sell an estate that wasn't his and try to focus almost entirely on how it should benefit him, to the exclusion of the others. There are people like that throughout history who try to take advantage of others. I was particularly impressed by Richard Armitage and Toby Jones as the Doctor and Vanya, respectively.

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