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Indeed, please try to not give up on these! Having loved a volume of Chekhov short stories at age 15, I immediately tried for 10 minutes, & failed, to read THE THREE SISTERS....but my life/mission in theatre was transformed during junior & senior years of college when I chose to read & study the life of Chekhov & THE SEA GULL, THE THREE SISTERS, & THE CHERRY ORCHARD for a modern theatre course, & then for acting & directing courses, spending some of my richest hours in those 4 years playing Nina's last scene with Treplev, & on written projects imagining, beat by beat, how an actor or director could express all the UNSPOKEN in those plays, all the characters do & say instead of what they truly want to express. The wish to be seen/heard/appreciated/loved, usually by someone who loves someone else who in turn cares about someone else more!! Thanks to Chekhov, I aimed all the more than I already had to spend the rest of my life seeking THIS to express in theatre. How lucky we were in the 90s when twice the Sovremenik (sp???!!!) Theatre brought extraordinarily alive productions to Broadway...I remember so many images from their THE CHERRY ORCHARD & THE THREE SISTERS, mostly from the lead actress who played Lyubov & Masha; & how grateful I am to have spent 6 weeks one summer in Cambridge, MA with the Moscow Art Theatre School...two genius teacher/directors there brought out all I had seen when first reading those plays & finding the "why"of theatre.

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