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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:09 am EDT 05/10/21
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I think if it's kept at a subtextual level it wouldn't complicate the story. And I for one think that implying Riff might be romantically in love with Tony adds an interesting layer of complexity - rather than damaging the story.

I think that's a valid opinion, but here's one more reason why I object to it: It really bothers me how some people seem to feel that two men can't love each other without there being some romantic or sexual component to their love. For what it's worth, at one point in WSS after Riff has been murdered, Tony says to Maria, "Riff was like a brother to me." That's more than good enough for me, and in this case, I really don't feel the story needs an additional layers of complexity. Rather, I think this whole "Tony and Riff were gay lovers" thing is all about Arthur Laurents saying anything that came into his head just to get attention. He's probably still doing that, wherever he is now.....

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