Todd Robbins' "Haunt Quest" Announces Additional Performances at SoHo Playhouse
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[New York, NY] SoHo Playhouse (Artistic Director, Darren Lee Cole) is thrilled to announce that, due to impressive demand, additional performances have been added for Todd Robbins' Haunt Quest. This socially-distanced seance play's run has been extended through 5 June 2021.

Todd Robbins's Haunt Quest will be the first live show staged at SoHo Playhouse since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The show opened on 23 April 2021 for a limited audience, keeping in strict accordance with New York's COVID-19 guidelines. The production will take place in The Loft space of SoHo Playhouse, for a total of five performances per week on: Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00 pm and Saturdays, at both 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm. The play runs at seventy-five minutes.

While the "ghoulishly charming" Todd Robbins is perhaps most recognizable to New Yorkers as a decades-long sideshow, magic, circus, ragtime piano, traditional jazz, medicine show, and burlesque performer at Coney Island, Robbins has had a rich career as a theater and television performer (LA Times).

Robbins starred on the Investigation Discovery Channel series True Nightmares until 2016, garnering praise as a "sinisterly charismatic" host (LA Times).

Todd Robbins in the Investigation Discovery Channel series True Nightmares.

Additionally, the creative performer and magician starred in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway show, Play Dead. The "consummate showman" created this "gleefully grotesque orgy of death and fright" with legendary Vegas magician, Teller of Penn and Teller fame (The New York Times).

TheaterMania called Play Dead "a dangerous event, one with real and lasting ramifications"; theater-goers can expect nothing less than such a performance when they attend Robbins's newest play, Haunt Quest (TheaterMania).

Robbins believes SoHo Playhouse to be the prime venue for his next theatrical venture, Haunt Quest, considering that "the building that houses SoHo Playhouse has been around for about two hundred years." As such, "many dark events have occurred [at the theater] over the years," and "many people who had a connection with the building are now dead." Robbins will utilize "arcane retro-paranormal ghost hunting techniques" to make contact with several spirits known to roam SoHo Playhouse.

One such spirit is Buster, a somewhat malevolent presence that shatters glasses at SoHo Playhouse's Huron Club downstairs. The ghost of a female dancer is also thought to frequent SoHo Playhouse's 178-seat theater; those who have spotted her report hearing her "rhythmic dancing" on the main stage. Todd Robbins will take audience members on a journey of SoHo Playhouse past, uncovering the forgotten history of these spirits and more, helping those who watch Haunt Quest "understand who [the spirits] are and why they linger."

Tickets ($55) are available for purchase at https://ci.ovationtix.com/35583/production/1043689. Should ticket buyers have questions, they may reach SoHo Playhouse Box Office associates by emailing boxoffice@sohoplayhouse.com.

As SoHo Playhouse begins navigating this exciting return to live theater on our stages, we are committed to following proper COVID-safety protocol as advised by the State of New York. The SoHo Playhouse team takes the health and safety of its patrons, performers, and staff seriously.

Several measures will be implemented to ensure this safety in our theater. Only twenty-five tickets will be sold to each performance, allowing patrons to sit at least six feet apart from one another. All audience members will be required to wear masks upon entering the theater. The Loft space will also be thoroughly sanitized between performances.

For additional information about Todd Robbins' Haunt Quest, please visit sohoplayhouse.com.

Link http://SoHoPlayhouse.com

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