re: Tony and Riff
Posted by: Sam890 02:59 pm EDT 05/10/21
In reply to: re: Tony and Riff - Michael_Portantiere 11:09 am EDT 05/10/21

"It really bothers me how some people seem to feel that two men can't love each other without there being some romantic or sexual component to their love"

Wow, that's out of left field, and smacks of straw man argument. Who has claimed such thing in this discussion????

You tend to take a 'fixed interpretation' approach, where there are right ways and wrong ways to interpret theatre. The thing about great art, though, is that it can encourage different interpretations. Your dislike for a certain interpretation shouldn't close it off to others. And for someone who generally privileges 'authorial intentions' it's rather contradictory to now want to reject this author's claim because it doesn't happen to agree with yours

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