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Posted by: ryhog 06:42 pm EDT 05/10/21
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Let's go to your last point first. That's exactly the kind of support from within that's needed. I went a step beyond that and suggested that moving forward in the context of what we have been hearing from BIPOC artists this past year also requires (not just BIPOC producers but also) landlords. This, if it works and is not just window dressing, is that the League's new hire could possibly facilitate. Yes there are socio economic issues but that's true in white communities where a survey will reveal that no one has ever even thought about attending a Broadway show, or and off or off-off one for that matter. Regarding your initial point, ultimately I cannot speak to the resonance or lack thereof but this is what has been expressed by those who can (and do). It's not a secret that there are (in these cases) black people who feel this way.

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