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Posted by: ryhog 07:02 pm EDT 05/10/21
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It was not my intent to be dismissive at all. I responded to Thom below and I hope you'll take a look at that as well as I what I say here. I love a lot of the work of BIPOC artists that only came to us because of white producers, but that seems beside the point since I am white and it is what has been said by BIPOC individuals that speaks to how they perceive this work. I don't make lists but as I say to Thom below it is not a secret that there are persons of color who do not find Wilson (someone I have always loved) to be a playwright that writes of their reality. I hope we can have an interesting discussion (which i think I would prefer to a debate) and that we can all learn something. I also hope that maybe someone will come along who likes to makes lists. :-) I can think of some BIPOC work that fits in both of your categories but let's see what others might be interested in coming up with.

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