Posted by: showtunetrivia 10:26 am EDT 05/11/21

This week’s episode had a flashback to when Zoey was first hired at SparqPoint. This is cool first and foremost because we got a guest appearance by Zoey’s dad, played by Peter Gallagher, before his illness.

But we also got Noah Weisberg as the eccentric, mercurial founder/owner of the tech company, greeting his new employees with “Pure Imagination.” Somehow, I don’t think he had trouble learning the song. :)

An extremely well-written episode, with terrific insights into the topic of loss and how coping with loss affects so many other aspects of one’s life. I lost my dad (heart attack at 48, a month before the birth of my second daughter ) and my mom (50, cervical cancer, a month before my third daughter’s first birthday), so this no doubt adds to my love of this show. (That, and big production numbers, even if, like Zoey, I am totally ignorant of any current music outside of Broadway.)

Laura, who also notes that Bernadette Peters’ character from the first season returned for a few episodes (yay)

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