re: It is surprising.
Posted by: ryhog 12:49 pm EDT 05/11/21
In reply to: It is surprising. - dramedy 12:33 pm EDT 05/11/21

I think there will be an easily-understood frenzy out of the gate, perhaps across the board, but I do not think the demand is sustainable for this many shows. (I had said 8 in the Fall early on, revised it to a dozen, but we are way beyond that it seems. For everyone's sake, I hope these producers are smarter than me.) There are shows that can afford to lose, but ironically they won't. There are shows that can't. I just think if we end up with a bloodbath it is going to be demoralizing and I also think it will feed on itself for quite a while. As I said, I pray I am wrong.

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