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I second acted that concert (2 people gave a friend and myself their stubs). That was the performance where Mandy stopped the performance near the beginning of "The Right Girl" and said something like "Could we stop? I made a mistake". I could see musicians in the NY Philharmonic literally shaking their heads. That incident was then later followed by his cringeworthy "Buddy's Blues" where he did the two ladies' parts in annoying falsettos in addition to Buddy. I mean, he was great in "Evita" and "Sunday in the Park" but this was just weird. Plus he was miscast also by being too young for the role.

Lee Remick was actually quite lovely and exciting to see in person. I don't think there was a full dance for "Lucy and Jessie" but she sang perfectly fine, moved well, and I thought she had great stage presence. Of course Remick had a connection to Sondheim -- friends love to cast friends in this business, especially if they think they are suited to the part. Didn't Patinkin have a relative who was big in Chicago theater who might have opened up some doors for him? Remick had natural beauty, acting ability and could sing that music. Barbara Cook sang beautifully as she always did and was quite moving. George Hearn had a fairly convincing nervous breakdown as Ben.

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