Who is planning to see MJ THE MUSICAL --- and why?
Posted by: Jax 03:03 pm EDT 05/11/21

With the winds of change blowing so fiercely on Broadway -- some folks planning to boycott all (if there are any) future Scott Rudin productions -- I wonder how many folks are planning to see MJ THE MUSICAL when it starts previews in December. When you think of it, Jackson's alleged sex crimes seem greater and more damaging than Rudin's abusive tirades. But Jackson is gone, and everyone loves his music. The Pulitzer Prize winning author and Tony winning choreographer involved have not stepped back from the projects, as others threatened to do with Rudin's MUSIC MAN.

And, as illustrated below, press coverage of MJ is not mentioning his molestation charges. You couldn't refer to a Rudin show today without having a paragraph in the piece about the "ill tempered, abusive producer, etc. etc." I get the feeling people would just like to forget what MJ brings up, and let the tourists flock to it, which I imagine they will.


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