It's coming.
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The cast just reunited 3 days ago on their YouTube page to do a video for Mother's Day, benefiting BroadwayCares/EFA.

Don't forget it had opened to rapturous reviews as the final show to open just before shutdown (and consequently hasn't yet even been eligible for Tonys – that and West Side Story were the only 2 shows already open either determined or deciding not to qualify, I believe.)

Also, an article from February about how various shows would reopen specifically mentioned "Girl from the North Country" as one of the 3 or 4 shows to get the most sizable insurance payoffs out of all productions on Broadway (along, I believe, with Company, Hadestown and Dear Evan Hansen).

So it's not a question of if but when. My guess is they're just finalizing details about timing, and presumably that has to do with finalizing details about casting (i.e. making sure they can hopefully get back as much of that terrific ensemble as possible. Some may well be shooting movies or TV shows that aren't wrapping up till sometime in the fall. But most of them have been with the show since summer 2018 when they began rehearsing for the show's off-Broadway run at the Public... so after staying with the show for 3 years now, through rave reviews off-Broadway and on, if that company didn't get their moment to shine as it seems like they've been destined to all along, it'd honestly be one of the biggest arts-related shocks of the entire pandemic.)

Moulin Rouge, Evan Hansen, Book of Mormon, Hadestown and 3 or 4 other shows that were running in March 2020 haven't announced firm return dates either.

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