re: Any word on the Van Hove WSS?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:36 pm EDT 05/11/21
In reply to: re: Any word on the Van Hove WSS? - Singapore/Fling 04:53 pm EDT 05/11/21

I mean, a significant portion of this board is older men with conservative taste, so anything with even a whiff of the avant-garde, especially in conjunction with classic musicals, is going to ruffle their feathers.

I continue to be shocked that you so casually make such childish, rash, ill-conceived statements and ridiculously broad generalizations. For what it's worth, I'm an "older man" who despised the van Hove WEST SIDE STORY, and I can confidently say I felt that way NOT because I have a problem with the "avant-garde" but because that production was thoughtless and idiotic, designed simply to shock and often working against the material rather than with it. "Avant-garde" should not be a synonym for rampant egoism in direction, but I'm not surprised that you think it is-- you who not only defend but actually praise a show that had some scenes played out against the back wall of the theater, about a mile from the nearest audience member and therefore visible to the audience only on video screens; that had other scenes take place in a torrential rain storm, resulting in injuries to more than one cast member; and that cut entirely a song which is essential to the show.

I honestly clicked on your response by mistake, as I long ago gave up doing so, so I will probably not be chiding you in future. But PLEASE consider how badly you reflect on yourself when you make offensive, foolish generalizations that EVERYONE in a certain age group, or ethnic group, or whatever, MUST feel a certain way about certain things. The word for that is bigotry, or prejudice.

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