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I'm not an expert, but, unless there was specific language in the contract pertaining to a pause of the production and how that would be handled, or if any particular contract was a multi-year deal, most, if not all, Broadway contracts would have expired at some point between March 2020 and September 2021. I'm under the impression that most contracts on Broadway are for 1 year or less.

Contract language around a pause would be difficult to enforce, simply because it could never be known how long such a pause might last. And with this 18 month gap, performers could have any number of legitimate reasons why they would have been available to finish their contracts in the months after March 2020, but are not available starting in the fall of 2021. What if you have other commitments now that didn't exist then or that were planned in advance for a point after your Broadway contract would have expired? Or what if you moved and/or started a new career? Would you be required to rejigger your life and cancel your current commitments to finish time on a contract that would have been long expired by this time?

So I think producers will need to make offers and execute a whole new set of contracts for every performer on Broadway starting whatever date each production plans to go into rehearsals to reopen. Hopefully, producers would have already had conversations around this topic and had already decided on which, if not all, of their casts will be offered jobs for the restart. Then all they have to do is put together new offers and wait and see who accepts or declines. All of this takes time, but I imagine that there's plenty of time between now and the fall to do this, even if a certain number of roles will need to be recast.

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