Interactive children’s musical at Geffen Theatre
Posted by: showtunetrivia 07:38 pm EDT 05/16/21

Still haven’t seen the granddaughters, though they’re planning a visit soon, but we just enjoyed a musical together! A “choosical musical,” to be precise, called THE DOOR YOU NEVER SAW BEFORE, with book and score by Kleban Prize winner, Matt Schatz. Each performance is limited, so (as we have all learned Zooming this past year) participation doesn’t get overwhelmed. The plot involves defeating a villain, the Stench, using puzzles and clues and items in the kids’ suitcases (each ticket gets one suitcase of goodies), and the kids help the characters choose the way (“Do we use the underpass or the overpass to cross the highway?”). There are grandparent/companion tickets for those not participating, but who want to follow the fun (these are linked to the choices your purchased kid ticket makes).

The show is roughly 70 minutes, and it’s cute. It’s geared for 6-9. Cordelia is eight this week, and she was the exact right age for the puzzles. Phoebe is almost five, but game for all the other stuff (putting on a medal, clapping, making choices). She did find the Stench a little scary, but also noticed the same actor was playing two other characters. “That was weird,” she declared when they FaceTimed to thank me for the show. “That’s acting, Phoebe,” I replied. I definitely recommend ordering an additional suitcase for each kid watching.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for something theatrical to do with kids or grandkids, this is fun. You do not have to be in the same place, so it’s perfect if you’re still social distancing. Show times are Pacific, and I suggest ordering in advance so the all-important suitcase arrives in time. The show plays through June 27th.

Laura, happy for children seeing musicals

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