Broadway faces help dress up 'Halston' on Netflix
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Netflix's latest miniseries, ''Halston,'' about the legendary fashion designer, stars Ewan McGregor (who made his B'way debut in ''The Real Thing'').

Krysta Rodriguez (''Spring Awakening'') plays Liza Minnelli and even sings ''Liza With a Z.'' David Pittu (''Lovemusik'') plays Bob Eula, Halston's fashion illustrator who also became the costume designer for ''Got Tu Go Disco'' (1979). ''Halston'' references the show as ''Broadway's first disco musical'' and a flop. Mary Beth Peil (''Anastasia'') plays the great dancer and choreographer Martha Graham; Halston designed for Graham and her dances. Bill Pullman (''The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia'') portrays a businessman, and Karen Mason (''Mamma Mia!'') appears as a wealthy arts patron.
Link Playbill.com: Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli performing 'Liza With a Z' on 'Halston'

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