Posted by: DanielVincent 10:24 pm EDT 05/17/21
In reply to: Gavin Creel & Aaron Tveit are a blast at a marvelous 'Miscast' - WaymanWong 12:03 am EDT 05/17/21

Gavin and Aaron were fantastic, as was Patrick. (Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised that Wilson's voice is still in such fantastic shape, given how long it has been since he has done a musical.) Is it basic to hope that Gavin and Aaron reunite again and do one of the big Side Show duets?

But for me it was Annaleigh Ashford who stole the show. Her rendition of "Mr. Mistoffelees" was literally laugh out loud funny while also being fantastically sung and impressively danced. I'm so happy that she's gaining a higher profile--and, presumably, making a better living--with her work in television and film, but I really hope that we don't lose her to L.A. I want her on our New York stages!!!

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