re: Is this really LuPone singing?
Posted by: EvFoDr 10:27 am EDT 05/18/21
In reply to: Is this really LuPone singing? - Zelgo 07:54 pm EDT 05/17/21

I don't see why it wouldn't be. Especially with multiple takes available to get it right. She sang a low G-Flat (or F sharp if you rather), just one step above the E Natural, 8 times a week in Les Miz (I Dreamed a Dream). Do you also think she is not singing the same E note in the song Buenos Aires? Of do you think she was able to sing it in that song but not in Rainbow High?

I've always been spolied by this studio recording. I think, without the trappings of the production, dancing, being out of breath, and with the ability to sing right into a microphone with no ambient noise this is such a fun melody line and ending note. High notes to show off are a dime a dozen in musical theatre so I always rathered enjoyed a low show off note.

That said, most of the Evas I have seen over the years have not been able to deliver it satisfactorily in a live performance. I get it. But I always feel just a little deflated when they shout or whatever they do to make up for it. Of if they go for it they bottom out or it's not audible.

I am sure LuPone has noted--and possibly others--that ALW did not seem to be actively considering the impact of singing this score eight times a week when he wrote it. He was creating what he wanted to create, which in the moment only needed to be translated into a studio concept recording with unliminted takes, no staging, and acoustically ideal circumstances.

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