re: Is this really LuPone singing?
Posted by: EvFoDr 02:28 pm EDT 05/18/21
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That said...I've also read that at some point they were considering cutting Another Suitcase because it stops the action and is sung by a character who has nothing else to do with the plot, and who the audience knows nothing about.

However, they decided not to cut it, in part, so they could give the actress playing Eva a little time off stage to catch her breath, have some water, etc. Something of a nod to the demands of the role. And of course, the song sets up the chillig (to me) moment in the final bedroom scene where the rejection is turned around on Eva as she is dying and collapses (where am I going to...don't ask anymore). I do think one of ALW's strengths as a composer is as musical dramaturgist. Especially in the earlier shows where the melody repititions seemed mostly, if not always, utilized to make a dramatic statement or connection.

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