Agreed. And extremely hard-to-find….
Posted by: ShowGoer 03:25 pm EDT 05/18/21
In reply to: The Heartbreak Kid - Jax 03:05 pm EDT 05/18/21

One of those rare movies that’s never been on Blu-ray, never been available on iTunes (for purchase or rental), and as far as I know never been available on streaming. Even the standard DVD has been out of print for nearly 20 years or so, and goes for astonishing prices online ($100 and up). I believe it’s one of a small number of films that has been tied up in legal limbo for years because there are rights issues involved.

If Turner Classic does a Grodin tribute in the coming weeks or months, as would seem inevitable (they’ve aired it several times before, including just a few years ago), keep an eye out for it, as it might be the only way of seeing a good copy of it legally and without paying an arm and a leg.

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