re: Speaking of Bullying...
Posted by: Snowysdad 09:22 am EDT 05/19/21
In reply to: Speaking of Bullying... - FreddyF 06:56 am EDT 05/19/21

Some great, provocative questions posited here and bravo. I feel there might be some naievate mixed in, but there is nothing wrong for hoping for a wonderful world and then participating in it in such a way that you help make that come true, a little bit or a lot. When I starting reviewing for this site, I live in an area where one crosses paths with many of the "theater makers" (your term). One young lady. making her stage debut at a community theater later showed up at my cancer doctor's office on staff. I vowed never to be so openly harsh as to risk driving anyone to quit trying. If I have a criticism, I try to make it in a positve constructive manner. One thing, having participated in the theater and music world in New York, I can safely say that things get somewhat better away from the blazing inferno of the heaviest competition. Again, good thoughts and hopefully the start of an interesting thread.

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