re: Is this really LuPone singing?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:43 am EDT 05/19/21
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So writing a challenging score to sing is a "shortcoming"? Interesting...never realized that was a liability. Perhaps Sondheim's challenging and complicated lyrics that can be a nightmare to remember or to get rhyhmically correct make him second-rate as well?

Songs can be challenging to sing in different ways. Some of Sondheim's songs are challenging because they have lots of brilliant lyrics that move along quickly and need work to be articulated precisely, or sometimes because the tonal intervals are tricky, whereas many of ALW's songs are "challenging" because they're not well written.

In terms of lyrics not sitting correctly, that is a criticism for ALW's lyricists, not him. He generally writes the scores first with lyrics to follow.

I thought someone might make this foolish argument. You yourself indicate the problem here, that ALW "generally writes the scores first with lyrics to follow." Which is to say, he's not collaborative -- although I'm guessing he may have been more collaborative in the early part of his career, when he was working with Tim Rice, which is why those scores are SO much better on the whole than his subsequent efforts. It's laughable to me that you don't consider it a tremendous shortcoming for a composer to write the music and then leave it entirely up to the lyricist to write words that fit without working together to make sure the song is singable and makes sense.

You have every right to your own biases about ALW's alleged "shortcomings" as a composer but why not just come out and say you loathe his work? Writing a score that is a difficult sing or being blamed for placing lyrics you never wrote is hardly a fair criticism.

They're not "biases," they're opinions. And sure, for what it's worth: I have a very low regard for most of ALW's work after EVITA (and also some criticism of some aspects of the scores of JOSEPH...., JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and EVITA, though I enjoy those scores very much overall).

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