re: Is this really LuPone singing?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:12 am EDT 05/19/21
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And it is well reported that after Time Rice, who challenged ALW's ego and fought to be an equal with him, ALW used less regarded lyricists and/or ones who would not challenge him to change any of his notes so that a lyric might scan better. Then ALW started producing his shows so he really had all the control. So, in a way and in some cases, ALW shares responsibility for lyrics not sitting well.

Yes, but I would remove the phrase "in a way and in some cases."

ALW has also been repeatedly criticised and sued for plagiarism. And over the years he has used less and less original melodies in each show, opting for more and more endless repeating of fewer melodies. I once counted them up and Evita has something like 25+ original melodies while Sunset Boulevard has about 9.


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