re: Is this really LuPone singing?
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Sorry to seem slightly at odds with your post as a fellow fan but there is a bit to pick apart there:

1) "it's also realistic to call out when notes are written that---time has shown---no singer is able to produce consistently in performances of the show". Sorry, but I don't buy that at all. There are tons of Eva's in worldwide productions who nailed those notes consistently. Is it always effortless? No. That's why musicals are often hard work and for any show that is a tough sing you learn to mix and how to pace yourself. But requiring that level of preparation is the singer's responsibility, not the composer's. Arguably, A CHORUS LINE, DANCIN', CATS and WEST SIDE STORY are very hard dance musicals to execute perfectly every time. Do we criticize the choreographers of those shows for creating something that is difficult to "produce consistenty"? Nope. RENT is a helluva sing to get through consistently. That doesn't mean Jonathan Larson was a weak composer either.

2) The idea that ALW chose lyricists who wouldn't challenge him? That is just a stale rumour. David Zippel was an established lyricist well before he worked with ALW as were Don Black and Richard Stilgoe. I've worked with one of those fellas. Definitely not a push-over.

3) The plagiarism suits are laughable at least in my opinion and I haven't been convinced of any yet but I am all ears.

In terms or melodies and how many are created per show? That is generally not how he writes. A great deal of his work (especially Evita) is written with character themes/motifs in mind which is why many things sound similar/familiar. That is intentional. One example is Eva's ambition/motivation each time she sings the melody that aligns with "all you've done for me, was that a young girl's fantasy" then later "don't think I don't think like you, I often get those nightmares too" and even later "I don't really think I need the reasons why I won't succeed"....Same melody? Yes. But same motivation behind it as Eva is setting up her next move forward and using her powers of persuasion each time. There is a fair amount of that sort of thing in SUNSET as well.

Glad ALW influenced your love of theatre as he did mine. JCS was something that I couldn't get enough of as a kid and when I saw the 1rst National Tour of EVITA, (at The Shubert in Chicago when I was 13,) I was knocked out. I actually had the luck to do three of his shows professionally (including 6 months of EVITA) and 3 years in one of his West End hits. I don't love everything he writes but I do find him intriguing in terms of what he chooses to write about.

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