A bit of a moot point.
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A lot of these shows will have been rescheduled performances from 2 years ago, which is plenty of time for any theaters to have changed their terms of sale for any reason at all (let alone curbing the spread of a disease).
Also, gone are the days (for now) of over-the-counter cash ticket sales at the box office (are any box offices even open yet?) – meaning producers have ways of making all existing ticket buyers aware of any changes in policy.
Further, one would assume if it’s standard by then at sports arenas, bars, comedy clubs, etc., this will be a well-publicized norm that won’t allow room for anyone to expect differently at the theater.

That said, if anyone shows up without the appropriate proofs, I’m sure the theater will be happy to refund their tickets… after all, in most cases, I see there’s a new policy at least until February or so where ticketholders can exchange or refund their purchase for ANY reason up until a day or two before the show. If they’re so accommodating about giving money back at the last minute for people who don’t feel comfortable going to the theater, there’s no question the theaters will also be ready to give money back to the very people who might be making those theatergoers feel less safe in the first place. Some of this is going to be messy, but actually enforcing it will not be difficult at all.

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