re: A bit of a moot point.
Posted by: ryhog 08:55 pm EDT 05/19/21
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Thanks for the detailed info.

Re masks, today was the first day of the relaxed rules in New York and my observation is that a large percentage of people were masked in situations where they were required yesterday (i.e., indoors and in crowded outdoor situations). Also, a lot of stores etc are still requiring masks and some bars and restaurants (in my traffic patterns in Manhattan) are requiring vaccines. (Maybe some stores too but I can't say.) Central Manhattan (by which I basically mean mostly south of 96th Street) is heavily vaccinated even compared to the 50-60% that I think California is at now. My casual convos suggest that a lot of people are planning to do what you plan to do relative to masks. (I also recognize that the comparison is not especially analogous between here and there since most people here also still have to wear masks on public transportation, and that's not a familiar concept in Southern California. As you know, :-) ) [I was on the subway 4 times today and, as has been the case all along, mask violators are very much in the minority.]

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