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Yes I do change out my expectations for different levels of theaters. The audience expectations are different as well, audiences subscribing to our excellent community theaters are not always the same people subscribing to our regional theaters and Asolo Repertory Theare (largest budgeted Arts Organization in the state of Florida) can not be judged with the same expectations as our regionals with 175-200 seat theaters. Still I have seen some community theater productions (The Winter Wonderettes for example) that were better than professional productions at regional houses (The Marvelous Wonderettes). We have some major taalents that are not professional. One young lady has essayed Rosemary Pinkleton (How to Succeed), Fantine, Peggy Sawyer, Mary Poppins and recently Agnes in I Do, I Do. Take that Mary Martin. We had an actor who had done some professional work, but not steadily as Jean Valjean, better than a couple I saw on Broadway *Du Du David Fisher. One community theater mounted Sweeney Todd, the best I've seen other than the original production, far better than any of the teeny Sweenys. It starred a husband and wife team who also played George and Dot, Harold Hill and Marion. Seperately he has played The Baron in Grand Hotel, Barnum and she The Baker's Wife, Florence in Chess, Fracesca in Bridges of Madison County. All of these were performances worthy AT LEAST of regional theater. Wow for the versitility. This is just a sampling, we have others also whose talents excite me.

I hope this gives you a sense of what I bring into the theater in terms of expectations based upon budgets etc.

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