Sunset Boulevard suggestions
Posted by: Someday 01:39 pm EDT 05/20/21

The piece linked below is on Awards Daily and is by Peter Szemmelveisz. I found it interesting and would love to hear your reactions.

It seems to be coming from a place of: ‘The Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard movie needs to happen. What desperate measures need to be taken to break the impasse and move it into production?’

Some of the suggestions don’t sound workable to me. For one thing, I’ve never been one who feels like a movie musical needs an elaborate framing device to justify or apologize for having people sing their thoughts. I mean, at this late date we know what we’re getting into when we sit down to watch a movie musical, right? That said, I will concede of course that some of those framings have been artistically satisfying, as was the case with Chicago.

Mostly, though, I appreciate the spirit of problem solving and outside the box thinking the writer shares.

Whatever happens, I do hope she gets to make the movie someday. She’s not my favorite Norma Desmond on stage, but it feels like a match made in heaven for the screen. I don’t care much about “the correct age” for Norma. Also, I could do without a lot of the score, and jettisoning some of it would probably only improve things. And bonus points if ALW would hire someone to improve the lyrics.

Anyway, thoughts?
Link Norma – How to Remake an Untouchable Classic

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