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I feel like the author of this piece muddies the waters a bit. I didn't do a word count, but it felt to me while reading this article that more of it was about the challenges of remaking/reimagining a Sunset Boulevard film, IN GENERAL, than it was about making a Sunset Boulevard film based on the ALW musical.

The former subject feels like its own full discussion. And if one was going to go the route of changing the narrative perspective and all the other things suggested, why then saddle that new version with a handful of the ALW musical numbers which were written based on the point of view of the original movie?

Assuming the focus is just on how to get a movie musical of Sunset Boulevard made, I actually kind of like the idea of eliminating all but a handful of the songs. The stage version uses so much of the script and structure of the original movie, it would be pretty easy to revert those group numbers and recitative sections back into dialogue. I like the author's suggestions for the songs to keep, except Too Much in Love to Care. Any analysis or review of the musical I have ever read talks about how this song stops the show cold, and not in a good way. I don't think people care enough about the Betty/Joe relationship. I do think it's a fine song, in and of itself. Just slows the show down in a place where it doesn't need to be slowed down.

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