The Music Man – truly sold out, or not on sale? Or...
Posted by: ShowGoer 09:30 am EDT 05/21/21

Went online to get tickets to the show a few days ago and, looking first for a pair, and then even for a single, in any location at any price point on any date currently listed (through summer 2022), I kept getting the dreaded message "There aren't any seats available, the performance may be sold out." I assumed maybe there was a chance tickets weren't on sale again to the general public, due to them still trying to accomodate exchanges, refunds and seat-swaps from all the prior ticketholders from the last 2 years.

Then I remembered someone saying (can't remember if it was on here or another board, I did a search and didn't see anything) that those London dates of Anything Goes were awfully close to the Music Man dates – the Barbican production runs through October 17th, barely 8 weeks from the first currently-scheduled preview of Music Man (not even allowing any extension for popular demand or the widely-speculated filming of the London mounting). And after mentioning this to a friend late last night, they sighed and finally said semi-reluctantly, "Don't be surprised if the show gets pushed back again". When I asked if that was because of Sutton's London gig, they countered they'd heard it was more likely that she only ACCEPTED the London gig because there was a good chance the Broadway run would be shifted to the spring, due to the fact "The Music Man" doesn't actually officially have a producer. I said I thought all of that talk about its former producer not being involved was just on paper and merely for show, but they said that from what they heard a lot of things still had to be finalized, and that while there was no question it would all work out, right now it didn't look likely that it would all happen in time to begin pre-production in late summer, rehearsals in October, and previews a week before Christmas – that when the dust settles it seemed more likely the new powers-that-be would determine the best thing to do is delay one final time, another 2 months or so, to work out the legalities, afford it the proper preparation, and give it a splashy spring opening (rather than an opening night right at beginning of February).

Take it all with a grain of salt. Either way I guess the positive news is that Scott Rudin really is not just "stepping back" but actually having nothing to do with his new shows going forward (possibly his old ones as well, for all I know). But it sounds like the downside might be that Music Man has one final postponement in store.

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