re: Why didn't Glenn Close get cast as Norma first?
Posted by: EvFoDr 09:30 am EDT 05/22/21
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I think there was a lot of excitement about LuPone and ALW reuniting. Time and the cast recording had really solidified her legendary performance in Evita, especiallly for all of those too young or simply not able to make it to NYC to see her do it live. She followed that up with triumphs in Les Miz and Anything Goes, then starred on a TV show for several years, broadening her reach beyond theatre. You knew she was going to deliver an ALW score the way it needed to be delivered.

I am not sure if Close was even considered or if that idea was hatched later in order to have a movie star do it in LA. I think certianly, at the beginning with no knowledge of the full performnace either would give, if I was ALW and pondering if LuPone or Close was going to deliver my songs in the most thrilling way possible, certainly the choice would have been LuPone. And as some mentioned below, it SEEMED that the acting/character would be in LuPone's wheelhouse.

I don't know if ALW can or would have considered writing the score to take into account the kind of voice Close has. Because ALW likes big and rangy, and Close's insrument is thinner and less rangy. Well he certainly took it into account when he re-wrote it, lowering some things and most notably inserting a key change DOWN at the end of With One Look so the final money note would be one that Close could belt out strongly. But overall it still always falls a little flat for me to hear Close sing it because stylistically the way ALW writes, or at least wrote this role, is at odds with Close's instrument. There is a reason Close sang Send in the Clowns and not Being Alive at the Sondheim Carnegie Hall concert :-)

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