Your Quotes Support My Argument
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Ah, the joys of someone proving themselves wrong while attempting to prove you wrong. Lol, thanks for the laughs, you truth twister.

To break it down for others, both of those quotes speak to the *nature* of Vane's political viewpoints, as in they are "slippery" and "regressive", which falls in line with what I pointed to in my analysis. Again, it's not a call out for his being a Republican, but rather the meat of his viewpoints. To some, regressive and Republican may be synonymous, and a simplistic, reductive viewpoint (which is what I referred to in my post) might be that they called him out for being a Republican... but no. It's more complicated, not that I would expect you to appreciate nuance.

Please stop posting nonsense to fit your reductive view of the world.

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