re: What do we think is the most effective advertising?
Posted by: Guillaume 02:34 pm EDT 05/23/21
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A nicely designed flyer in my mailbox that I can hold as a reminder to buy tickets is worth its weight in gold if you want me to go to your show. It must tell me specifically what the subject matter of the play or musical is about. I want significant discounts in all sections of the theatres (no holding back premium sections) for buying early. If I see the producer is holding back the good seats it makes me resentful and turns me off from ever seeing the show. I care little for who the actors are when choosing what to see unless it is the rare chance to see someone with significant stage (not film or TV) chops.

I get most of my buying incentive and disincentive from reading posts on this site to be honest, it has really spendidly served that purpose for many years. I stopped subscribing to and reading the Times when Brantley took over because I could not stand his writing style and see no need to go back. So newspaper full page ads have zero impact on me.

A high quality-designed and unique logo and graphics in front of the theatre which are also used in subway and other billboard type advertising also have an impact on me, both pro and con. A great logo sparks continued interest. If I see a trite, mundane or cliched logo or font for the title, I assume the product within the theatre is equally trite and mundane and cliched.

As far as other media, the rehearsal videos that show up on Broadway.com and the like more often than not turn me off from seeing a show, as do the breathless jejeune interviews with cast members.

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