I think that's the point.
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"Surprisingly, it is choosing to reopen nearly two weeks earlier than Broadway's official return."

If Hadestown reopens Thurs, Sept 2nd, then it seems to me that Sept 2nd is Broadway's official return.
That later Sept 14th date seems to have been an arbitrary one chosen a while back by Cuomo's office, and one which "Hamilton", "Lion King" and "Wicked" all jumped at – joining forces and structuring their PR rollout accordingly. But the articles today all say that Hadestown consulted with both the Broadway League and wit Cuomo's office... so it seems to me that would kind of take the wind out of the sails of the other 3 shows staggering their openings later in the month at 7, 7:30 and 8PM "to allow dignitaries and journalists to stop by them all", according to the NY Times a few weeks ago.

Granted, those 3 shows are more well-known, but that's because they've all been around so much longer, as opposed to being the most recent Best Musical Tony winner. Regardless, aside from the fact that by coming two weeks later it now feels like the reopening of Broadway might be kind of old news by then... isn't there a chance some of those dignitaries and journalists might actually rather see Hadestown in the first place?

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