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Absolutely agree with the last few posts. And the point about restaurants and Times Square foot traffic is also a good one. BUT –

Not to contradict my own 10 or 12 “there are more important things than the Tony Awards” posts from the last year (all of which I stand by)… but now that cities are reopening and life is starting to get back towards normalcy, I’d now suggest that the eventual rescheduling of the Tonys – which I’m guessing/assuming will be sometime in October/November, after most shows are at least back in rehearsal, maybe before Thanksgiving and right after the baseball season ends – will be a much more potent symbol of Broadway’s return, at least nationally and worldwide, than whenever 3 or 4 tourist-driven chestnuts start up again and a disliked outgoing mayor and somewhat disgraced governor drop by for the first 5 minutes of each show to try and share credit.

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