"The Book of Moron," a new comedy written and performed by Robert Dubac at The SoHo Playhouse...perfs begin 8/12 and opening 8/23
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Moment-to-Moment Productions present


Funny Has Never Been This Smart

Written and performed by Robert Dubac

Performances begin August 12

Opening night August 23

Originally directed by the late Garry Shandling

Limited Engagement through October 3

At the SoHo Playhouse
15 Vanddam St., NYC

Tickets on sale now at:

The Book of Moron (www.robertdubac.com), a new comedy written by and starring Robert Dubac (The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?), will play at The SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam Street) beginning August 12, it was announced today by Moment-to-Moment Productions. Opening night is set for August 23.

In The Book of Moron, Dubac portrays an everyman who has lost sight of the bigger picture. He's been bombarded by so much hype and spin that he can't remember who he is or what he believes. Can he think for himself? Is the truth in the details or in the pudding? He hasn't a clue. Stuck in a coma of stupidity (his IQ has dropped to Q) he racks his brain searching for answers but finds nothing but voices. Inner voices that take him on a freight train of provocative thought to find the bigger picture and wake up from the dumbing down of modern-day life. Having been brainwashed by a culture that worships image over character, delusion over truth, and selfies over self-effacement; can he snap out of it?

The Book of Moron was workshopped in Los Angeles, Denver, and New York in 2015 and has toured the country extensively since 2016.

The Book of Moron was originally directed by the late Garry Shandling. Robert Dubac reminisces, "Garry and I would spend hours in his kitchen agonizing over the precise way to get the humor to ring true. Then we'd move into the living room to rehearse. Back and forth, back and forth. Repetition, repetition. We both came from the Meisner school of acting but he was a master at applying it to comedy. His secret was to always allow the truth of the moment drive the funny."

Set design for The Book of Moron is by Melissa Moore, and sound and lighting design is by Jacob Gilbert.

"In The Book of Moron, I try to find some truth in our world of tribal hype and spin, some sanity amongst all the stupidity." said Dubac . "I take a stab at exposing our hypocritical culture with that skeptical third eye of humor we all share. It's the perfect show for the inner moron in all of us that we swear doesn't exist. And, on a side note, even though the word "book" is in the title I'm hoping it doesn't scare your inner moron away."

Of The Book of Moron, Hedy Weiss of The Chicago Sun-Times raved, "Scintillating and Intellectually Invigorating! Not since Robin Williams took magic carpet rides on his supersonic brainwaves, and George Orwell warned of the dangers of the corruption of language, has there been such whip-smart, razor-sharp entertainment and analysis." PBS cheered, "In 90 uninterrupted minutes of altogether irresistible satire he ingeniously nails the current regrettable state of the nation and the world at large."

The Book of Moron will play Thursday - Saturday at 9pm with matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.

Tickets for The Book of Moron are $45 for regular seating and $35 for the back two rows. $55 premium tickets are available.After a year of Covid, the Producers have chosen to deflate prices in order to make it easier for morons everywhere to inflate their joie de vivre. Even teenage morons.

Tickets can be purchased at www.robertdubac.com or by calling (212) 691-1555. Audience members can also buy tickets, old school, at the box office Tuesday - Sunday after 4pm.

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The SoHo Playhouse requests all patrons have a Covid vaccine card or a negative PCR test (within 72 hours of the event). The Playhouse is using the Excelsior Pass which audience members can download and find info about HERE. All Patrons must wear a mask and Social Distance to stay safe.

The SoHo Playhouse has 178 seats with no seating restrictions. For more information, please visit: www.sohoplayhouse.com or www.robertdubac.com.

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Robert Dubac (writer/performer) draws on decades of showbiz experience as a writer, actor and stand-up comic to create solo shows that explore social mores, political ideas and the complexity of the human experience. He belongs to a rare breed of humorists who make comedy smart and tragedy funny. In other words, you get more truth and less dick jokes. His first show, The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? tackles the babble of the sexes. It has been performed worldwide, having been translated into dozens of languages and performed in just as many countries. Working behind the scenes, he has co-written and directed the new avant-garde solo show, H@PPYVILLE, starring Dave Shirley. He directed the Off-Broadway production of Man 1, Bank 0, and produced and directed the premiere performance of ¡Satiristas! at The Actor's Gang in Los Angeles. He also produced and created The Barbarians of Truth for both theatrical houses and foul-smelling comedy clubs. In addition to his theatrical endeavors, Mr. Dubac found significant success in the mainstream entertainment industry as well. After being chosen to study with a select group of actors under the personal tutelage of the late great Sanford Meisner, he appeared in many feature films including Too Hip for the Room, After the Game, Cold Ground, Sketch Artist, Stitches, Innocent Obsession and The Rookie. His TV credits include: Growing Pains, Diff'rent Strokes, Life Goes On, Loving, and Jack and Mike. He has also toured as a stand-up comic and opening act to the royalty of rock n roll. Dubac constantly tours with all three of his solo shows, The Male Intellect, The Book of Moron, and Stand Up Jesus as a one-man repertory company. DVDs of both The Book of Moron and The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? are available for those who still have DVD players. The Male Intellect can also be purchased on Amazon.com. However, for some reason Amazon calls it " Inside" the Male Intellect. Don't worry, it's not any less funny. Friends call him Bob and Bob is thankful he makes his beautiful wife, Lauren, laugh.

Link http://www.robertdubac.com

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