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I just watched it the other day on the Watch TCM app, and it was something of a chore to get through. It probably was a bit titillating and up to date in its time for having a divorce at the center of a comedy and talk about possibly having sex with an ex-wife. I'm a big Debbie Reynolds fan, but I find her out of her element here. At times she's too big, like Bonnie Franklin doing "One Day at a Time", but trying to sound sophisticated and not really convincing me that she is. She looks great in her costumes, and yes, she has some good moments. A better-cast lead would have helped, as she didn't really have this particular style down pat. Perhaps Deborah Kerr might have?

Barry Nelson, who did the role on Broadway, is excellent and for the most part, until the part with the unintended sleeping pills, rather underplays the role, but I can see how effective he must have been on Broadway. Hiram Sherman, also excellent; he's great in wonderful "Solid Gold Cadillac" supporting Judy Holliday. Diane McBain was also very good. Michael Rennie is fine, though I don't think he's as glamourous as the role describes him. I just think the script isn't that funny, and it was overlong as well. I mainly watched because it had been such a long-running hit back in the day, and for the most part, it seemed like once was enough.

I think Reynolds could play comedy back then, but of a different kind. She's great opposite Tony Randall in "The Mating Game" as a rustic down-to-earth girl-next-door and later on was effective in things like "Divorce American Style" and "How Sweet It Is", among other things.

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