"Sunday in New York" while dated, still plays wonderfully as a period piece
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especially interesting in how it confronts the double standard of premarital sex, though marriage is the cop-out go-to answer back then. The whole film is about sex, and there's even a masturbation joke in there, rather amazing for 1963! Jane Fonda is quite good and lovely, Cliff Robertson likewise, and Rod Taylor such a combination of charming, sexy, funny and believable (with a very good American accent) that he almost steals the show. Fonda's and Taylor's roles were originally done by Pat Stanley ("Goldilocks", "Fiorello!") and Robert Redford on Broadway, btw. It also has an interesting plot, with a great plot twist that complicates things, along with funny dialogue by Norman Krasna. I could see "Sunday in New York" being revived, actually -- certainly, as a historic piece about where we've been and how far we've come. :) (ducks)

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