''Critic's Choice'' isn't -- Anyone see it on Broadway?
Posted by: WaymanWong 08:53 pm EDT 07/13/21
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Reading about Jean Kerr reminded me of ''Critic's Choice,'' Ira Levin's play inspired by critic Walter Kerr and his playwright wife, Jean.

The comedy's premise was: What if a theater critic had to review his wife's Broadway play, and it was awful? Would he be honest?

It opened in 1960, starring Henry Fonda, and was turned into 1963 movie, starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, directed by Otto Preminger.

''Critic's Choice'' was on TCM recently, and this comedy was so lame and lackluster that it was beyond Hope (or Ball's talents).
Link 'Critic's Choice' (1963): Official movie trailer with Lucille Ball & Bob Hope

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