Mary, Mary, Barefoot In The Park, and The Philadelphia Story
Posted by: Whistler 01:44 pm EDT 07/14/21
In reply to: re: Let's get hard core here... (re: Jean Kerr's MARY, MARY -- Anyone see it on Broadway?) - Billhaven 01:03 pm EDT 07/14/21

They're all charming scripts, especially when underplayed and grounded by intelligent actors like Bel Geddes, Nelson, Ashley, Redford, Natwick, Hepburn, Grant, and Stewart.

The film script of Philadelphia Story is more compact, and the one for Mary, Mary could have used some equal edits. But these three scripts taught me to write and appreciate light comedy.

And I keep coming back to:

"You work and you work for a lousy six cents."


"With the rich and the powerful, a little patience."


"Being with Mary is like being in a telephone booth with an open umbrella: No matter which way you turn, you get it in the eye."

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