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Posted by: NewtonUK 07:12 am EDT 07/16/21
In reply to: This is NOT good - broadwaybacker 06:40 pm EDT 07/15/21

What I have been hearing is that, of course, you can test positive when you are vaccinated. But illness will in 99% of cases be minor, You may not even know you are positive. And doctors are not sure that covid load you would be carrying copuld infect others.

The rise in Covid rate, is, as I hear, mainly the Delta variant. And the people getting sick are in large part unvaccinated. I do believe that vaccination requirement, as at Springsteen, should be mainatined for every Broadway show, concert, off Broadway show etc, through at least the New Year.

And audiences should be required to wear masks, as daunting as this is for some.

I believe we can accomplish that, and all will be ok. Perhaps we need a few fewer chicken littles at this stage of the 'coming out'.

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