re: This is NOT good
Posted by: ryhog 08:50 am EDT 07/16/21
In reply to: re: This is NOT good - NewtonUK 07:12 am EDT 07/16/21

I agree both about the state of the science (with a few minor tweaks mentioned below) and what we should be doing about it. What I have read is that the non-minor instances are much less than 99%. "Minor" effects are generally equivalent to minor cold symptoms (not bad ones). Finally, it seems inconceivable to me that any doctor is unsure about cross-infection by the vaccinated: we are seeing too many examples in vaccinated couples for this to leave any doubt. The one compelling conclusion from all of this is that we need to be hardcore in requiring vaccinations. There are few safer places on earth than sitting in a crowded theatre in which everyone is vaccinated and wearing masks. That said, everyone has to find their own comfort zone and we should not be stigmatizing their choices.

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