re: WSJ: “Schmigadoon” Review, a Rave!
Posted by: showtunetrivia 10:09 am EDT 07/16/21
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The various streaming companies want us to keep chucking five bucks at them every month, forgetting we signed up for them. Given the hideous plumbing disaster of 2020 and the new air conditioner of 2021, counting pennies is all we do here. So if I can budget something, I will damn well make sure it’s not going to be an ongoing charge.

I signed up for HBO Max so we could see IN THE HEIGHTS (still not going back to indoor movies). I figured the $15 was less than what we would have spent for movie tickets. I’ve already put in the cancel notice.

I just signed up for $5 per month for Apple TV for SCHMIGADOON. I intend to keep it until the end of their series (debuting September) adapting Isaac Asimov’s FOUNDATION novels. (Jared Harris, Lee Pace!) Then, adieu. They have little else I want to see. I had a free year of Apple TV with my new iPad, and didn’t watch a thing.

I did the same sign on, sign off with CBS Access and NBC Peacock when they had items I wanted to see.

Would you pay $5 for SCHMIGADOON? Wait five weeks for the whole series (six episodes) to be out. Then sign up and binge it.


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