re: This is NOT good
Posted by: Snowgrace 10:21 am EDT 07/16/21
In reply to: re: This is NOT good - mikem 08:52 pm EDT 07/15/21

It is very unsettling & it was to be expected, given the sudden extremity to which restrictions have been lifted. The terrifying thing is that a lot of people (ie my mother, who had 4 weeks of joint pain so searing she nearly stroked out a couple of times, her bp & disorientation became so extreme) are only able to tolerate one dose of the 2 dose vaccines, & too scared to gamble on another. For a lot of them, it's not willfullness or selfishness. And some even fully vaccinated catch it & have bad symptoms. Masks on, PLEASE, indoors & I would say also in crowded outdoor settings....am fully vaccinated & I still keep wearing one.

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