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I don't usually chime in on this topic, but the"very selfish behavior" headline caught me. I got vaxxed as soon as it was available to me. Arriving to the vax site - the local Armory - I felt an overwhelming rush of civic pride. That is so not my scene - rebel at heart. But here I was ready to take a small part in putting down a plague that was attacking my friends, my neighbors, and fellow countrymen that I don't know. I felt I was doing something of great importance to help all of us get through this modern tragedy. No, I am not a person who waves the flag - of any sort. No, I am not a member of the military. No, I am not an avid church-goer. And, no, I am not a social butterfly or "people person." Just a shy, introverted, artist who likes to do the right thing whenever possible as long as I don't have to break a sustained sweat or make idle chat with strangers. It cost me nothing to get vaxxed and I know that my efforts were helping myself and OTHERS to stay healthy and avoid a horrific illness or death. For some reason, I cannot shake the feeling that those who are choosing not to get vaxxed - health concerns excused and exempted - are telling me very clearly that they don't give a wit about their friends, neighbors, fellow countrymen. Religious issue? Not wading into those shark infested waters, but why aren't the churches making bigger efforts to save their worshippers and futures? The ads on Australian TV urging Aussies to get vaxxed showing a woman on a ventilator with a horrific expression struggling to breathe is chilling. Where are these ads in this country? Too upsetting? Too real? Too graphic? Too honest? "Think of the children!" Enough. If you don't want to get vaxxed, fine. But what you are saying to me - no matter whatever screed and BS that pops out of your mouth - is that your fellow countrymen don't matter. Actions speak louder than words. It costs you nothing. I felt like I was an patriot getting vaxxed. Some wags would say I'm delusional, but at least I'm alive. And my actions may have kept someone else alive. That was worth it in my mind.
(Jumping down from soapbox)

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