re: On phone ONLY tickets
Posted by: Lois 01:03 am EDT 07/17/21
In reply to: re: On phone ONLY tickets - Roscoe 04:33 pm EDT 07/16/21

I'm in complete agreement with you in being opposed to phone-only tickets, for multiple reasons. In addition to the assorted tech problems that could crop up at the worst possible time in trying to find the tickets, and the fact that there is a segment of the population that either doesn't have a smart phone or is unable to use it properly (just consider all those people who don't seem to know how to turn off their phones in the theater, as shown by the Michael Sheen cell phone thread above), other possible disasters include dead batteries (especially likely on Broadway, where busy tourists may not have a chance or may not remember to charge their phones) and lost or stolen phones. Give me a paper ticket any day, whether mailed or printed at home, but please no phone-only tickets!

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