I'm really in tune with 'Schmigadoon!'
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I'm loving this Apple+ show, created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and choreographed by Christopher Gattelli, it lovingly celebrates and satirizes musicals at the same time. The parodies, the production values and the performers are pitch perfect. Aaron Tveit is especially stealing the show as a faux Billy Bigelow. It's so gratifying to see Broadway pros do what that they love - sing and dance - and get the wider TV exposure they deserve. That's why I'll happily plunk down $4.99 a month to Apple TV to support a new series like ''Schmigadoon!''

But what I really enjoy most is the show's ethnically diverse cast. ''Schmigadoon!'' makes no attempt to explain it. It simply exists in the same way its citizens burst into song. Traditionally, the classic musicals of '40s and '50s have been all-white affairs. ''Schmigadoon's'' Ann Harada, an Asian-American actress, pointedly and poignantly told the Daily Beast: ''I love all those shows, and I grew up on those movies. But I have not found it—I don’t know how to put this—it hasn’t been so easy, necessarily, for someone that looks like me to be in some of those Golden Age shows.”

Anyway, what a show ''this has been, what a rare mood I'm in.'' Can't wait to return real soon to ''Schmigadoon!''
Link The Daily Beast: Welcome to 'Schmigadoon,' SNL's Homage to Musicals ... (Warning: Full of Spoilers!)

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